New home office address

Thank you again for all the support, well wishes, and congratulations on our home office move and national rebranding. We look forward to growing our company further across all regions of the country and bringing our approach to money management and client service to many more investors. Our new locations and additional advisors offer greater reach and scale as we build out a wealth management firm designed to deliver the kind of money management and service typically reserved for high net worth individuals. The financial industry is moving to a similar model as they move away from high cost commission and suitability standards and more toward a fiduciary roll. It should be comforting to know that your advisor is already a fiduciary and your best interests have always been our top priority even if Wall Street is just starting to get on board. Please schedule a consultation to let us know how we can help you further or if there are any additional needs we may not be assisting you with currently. As always, your referrals and recommendations to friends and family are greatly appreciated.  Retirement planning, income needs, estate considerations, insurance and long term care are just a few areas where your advisor can help. You might be surprised what tools and solutions an independent advisor can offer you that a captive agent or broker dealer cannot. We look forward to hearing from you!