Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alterity Financial Group?

Alterity Financial Group is a Registered Investment Advisory firm. We were previously known as Maine Asset Management and Florida Asset Management. Our Team includes advisors and staff with over 100 years of financial services experience. Alterity custodies its client assets with Charles Schwab which means customers receive the specialized treatment of a boutique investment company with the services and security of a major Wall Street firm.

Why Did You Change Your Name?

We combined our regional divisions into one nationally­ recognized brand. Our client base is growing beyond our original service area and we want to show customers that we’re here for them wherever they are.

What types of services do you offer?

We offer a varied selection of services dependent upon the client’s needs and portfolio construction. These services consist of Individual Financial Planning, Investment Management services, retirement vehicles for individuals including Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs, small business solutions for retirement plans including Sep IRA or Simple IRA plans up to 401K plans for larger firms, and investment plans for growing their resources. We also offer annuity and insurance options including life and long term care insurance to assist our clients with their long term financial goals. Talk with your Advisor Representative to help decide which services are right for you.

How do I know you have my best interest in mind?

As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, Alterity and its employees must act as Fiduciaries and are legally bound to put our clients needs first. In addition, securities regulations require that we disclose any possible conflicts of interest before investing our clients assets. We take that responsibility very seriously.

What steps do you take to reduce risk in investments?

Every type of investment carries with it a certain amount of risk. At Alterity Financial Group the first thing we do is to talk with you to determine what you expect to accomplish and how much risk is acceptable to you. We manage all of our clients assets in a prudent, conservative fashion and routinely review our clients goals and tolerance for risk. We do this to ensure that your investments are aligned with your personal objectives and on track toward achieving your investment goals.

What fees and commissions should I expect to pay?

Alterity Financial is a fee­-only registered investment advisor that never collects commissions on our accounts. Our custodian’s transaction costs are some of the lowest in the industry, and start at $8.95 for most trades regardless of size. We strive to be transparent with no hidden fees or charges other than the agreed upon charges explained by your Advisor Representative. ­­

What should I think about before I invest?

Smart investors know their tolerance for risk before they decide how to move forward. Evaluate what kind of return you would like, what your timeline is and what you can safely afford to lose. All three of these factors will affect how we invest your funds and what adjustments need to be made to your portfolio. If you have questions about any of these concepts, talk to your Advisor Representative.

How often will you communicate with us?

You can reach our regional offices at any time during regular business hours to schedule appointments, answer any questions you may have or address any concerns. Account statements are provided on a quarterly basis (monthly with qualifying activity) by our custodian, Charles Schwab. Performance, expected income and other portfolio reports are also available from Alterity at any time upon request. Alterity Financial Group conducts annual reviews to assess your personal information that we have on file, any changes to your personal circumstances or risk tolerance, and any additional investment suggestions or opportunities. Your Advisor Representative will also ask that you review your portfolio, goals and any life changes or needs with them at least on an annual basis. Account reviews may also be performed more frequently.

Can I view my investment transactions and history online?

We have a website and investor portal that you can access wherever you have an Internet connection. The investor portal will direct you to SchwabAlliance where you will have the ability to register and access your accounts online. You can also choose to receive your monthly statements and trade confirmations electronically.

What steps do you take to keep my information secure?

All of our client account information and investments are secured through our custodian Charles Schwab. Our website and customer portal will direct you to the Schwab Alliance network which is monitored and updated frequently to prevent hackers and viruses from compromising your financial or personal information. Internally we use encryption for our secure email, advanced security access pins for platform access, information protection software and take many security precautions and steps to protect your information. The security and integrity of your personal information is of utmost importance to us and is never shared with any unauthorized third parties. A copy of our Privacy Policy will be provided to all of our clients when a new relationship is established and annually thereafter. A copy of our Privacy Policy is also available at any time upon request.