Investment Products & Services

We have a number of investment products and services to suit all your personal and small business needs:

Our Services

Alterity Financial Group combines more than 100 years of experience with modern insight to create custom investment portfolios for each of our clients. Whether you’re new to long­term money management, or are looking for help with your small business, our advisors can make sure you stay on the right track.

•Discretionary Portfolio Management

A discretion agreement allows your portfolio manager to make purchases or sales on your behalf at their discretion to take advantage of market volatility. This requires a great deal of trust on behalf of the client and should only be offered by Investment Advisors and Advisor Representatives with a collective number of years of industry experience. Our discretionary portfolios and investments are closely monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis. Any changes made in a discretionary portfolio are based upon the client’s individual goals and objectives. In order to preserve your stated investment objectives and risk tolerance, online trading is not available for our discretionary portfolios.

•Sub Advisory and Institutional Services

Alterity Financial Group provides sub-advisory and DVP investment services for institutional clients and “held away” assets for trustees and administrators. Our execution and equity pricing is some of the lowest in the industry and our fixed income inventory and network of primary and secondary dealers is second to none. Non-equity based securities are not available through traditional channels or exchanges and more difficult to obtain. Unlike equities, information regarding their availability, pricing and liquidity is typically not listed. Our available offerings and new issue access are something we have worked hard to build over time. We can provide both syndicate and secondary market securities for your end client needs.  Our institutional pricing and sub-advisory fees allow for significant portfolio diversification, structure, credit analysis and professional laddering at attractive rates.

Our asset allocation models, model portfolios and strategies can further assist you in delivering both risk management and portfolio objectives for your institutional or sub-advisory needs. Let us help you satisfy your fiduciary obligations with personalized service, access, availability and money management you won’t get from a fund or fund of funds.

•Self­-Directed and Consulting Services

For those individuals who don’t feel comfortable delegating the responsibility of investment selection to their Advisor Representative, our consulting and self-­directed services are designed for investors who want to make those decisions on their own behalf. Although no action would be taken without your direction, your Advisor Representative will be available to provide the guidance you may need or answer your questions when it’s time to make a change. We will always be available to assist you and ensure that you are investing in the right direction.

•Asset Allocation Models

We have developed six allocation models to accommodate your risk tolerance and investment objectives. These models range from Preservation of Principal to Capital Appreciation with Aggressive Growth for investors with a higher tolerance for risk or longer investment time frame. From these models, we build individual portfolios and investment strategies using our proprietary working list of equity selections which are broken down by sector. Our portfolios and strategies are designed with a multi-­faceted approach, including qualitative, fundamental and technical analysis, valuation and several other factors.

•Retirement Planning

It’s never too late ­ or too soon ­ to start planning for retirement. We can help you to balance your investments and show you how to invest for the long run. Our advisors expertise can assist you in making sure that you are comfortable when the time comes for you to retire. Our retirement services include Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, Simple IRAs and 401Ks.

•Small Businesses Solutions

Beyond personal finances, our small business solutions can assist in growth, stabilization, and investment to keep your company running smoothly. We offer retirement plans for small businesses, including SEPs, SIMPLE IRA’s, Traditional and Roth IRAs, and 401(k)s.

•Online Trading

We advise both seasoned investors and those who are new to the financial markets. Self directed traders can use our professional services to assist them with investments in stocks, bonds and options and have the ability to process certain transactions online on their own behalf using our self directed consulting program through our custodial trading platform.

•Investment Products and Funds

In addition to stocks and bonds, we offer Mutual Funds, Annuities, Money Market Funds, ETFs and CDs. Alterity Financial’s custodian partner, Charles Schwab, is one of the industry leaders in low-­cost and commission free ETFs. ­­

•Financial Planning Services

Tell us your goals and we can help create a path to get you there. Your Alterity Financial advisor can help whether your goal is to buy a home or investment property, put your kids through school or to retire.

•Fixed Income Strategies

Our money management services extend to clients looking to make sure their investment income can grow and get them through their retirement. Alterity Financial has extensive access to both taxable corporate and tax free municipal bonds in addition to a wealth of experience building bond ladders and fixed income portfolios for all levels of investing.

•Estate Planning

Keep your assets well­-managed in our competent hands. We can help you manage whatever you own and make sure it’s protected and secure. We have built strong relationships with attorneys, accountants and other professionals we are happy to work with and refer you to for any assistance in creating your estate plan.

•Account Protections

Our account protections include SIPC and FDIC (for select Bank Sweep Accounts and CD’s) to keep your finances secure. Ask your advisor for a full copy of the “How Client Assets Are Protected” brochure for a more detailed explanation.