Meet The Team

No matter who you work with at Alterity Financial Group, you will have the support and experience of all of our Investment Advisor Representatives behind you. Our investment and portfolio management process is deeply ingrained in our culture, from our newest employees to our most seasoned team members.

Our Approach

Unlike brokers at the large Wall Street firms, our ideas and recommendations don’t change depending on who you talk to. Brokers are known for “the stock of the day” advice; their viewpoints change depending on the week, day, and even hour. You can call five different brokers and receive five different choices and points of view. Our advisors are, first and foremost, fiduciaries and relationship managers who put your needs, goals, and tolerance for risk first. One of the reasons we created Alterity Financial was to bring a team approach to investing and security selections made for our client’s portfolios.

Our Investment Committee

All of our licensed advisors are given a seat on our investment committee and the opportunity to share their views, ideas, and opinions. Together, these individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and more than 60 years of investing experience to the table. The Investment Committee meets every month and reviews each sector’s weighting recommendations. We then adjust our underweighting or overweighting of the eleven S&P sectors. From there, each sector is broken down on our proprietary working lists to reflect the individual names and companies included. We review each name and adjust, add, or remove them accordingly. Our decisions are based on valuation, performance, corporate governance, and other factors determining stability and investment potential. These updated names are then reflected in the models we create, and our clients’ portfolios are updated accordingly.

Our Promise

Your advisor will never call you with “the latest hot tip” or “the stock of the day” and will always approach your account with thoughtful and well­-researched recommendations resulting from the process we have built, implemented, and proven over time.



Angie Potter Vice President
Chief Compliance Officer
David Krech Senior Vice President
Fixed income Coordinator & Financial Advisor
Justin Paul Elliott CFP® Certified Financial Planner
Financial Advisor
Timothy Haugh Financial Advisor
Torr Steinhilber Financial Advisor